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Spray foam insulation... superior insulation for your home



We are close cell and open cell spray foam insulation contractor for 25+ years. Close cell foam is a total vapor barrier. This makes it an excelllent product for moist basement walls, directly against metal siding, condensating roof sheathing, or any other place for surperior insulation. Close cell foam will stop standing water from coming through foundation walls. Close cell spray foam is a total air barrier stopping any chance of condensating.  Moisture in a basement can be a big deal. This can cause mold and respiratory issues.  We install close cell polyurethane spray foam that locks the water outside, insulates your basement, and seals the terrible smells from a wet moldy basement. This is a win win for the home owner.


The higher R-value (R7 per inch) of close cell spray foam solves the issues when you have low clearance and need higher R-value.


Fiberglass loses the performance in severe weather conditions by 50%. If you have R-19 in 20 degrees or less that R-19 is now performing at a R-10. Foam is very stable insulation in severe weather. The temperature can be 20 degrees or 100 degrees and the foam will perform at the installed R-value. Call to today for a free estimate 717-450-3286


Open cell spray foam is more of an economical foam. R-value is R-3.5 per inch and can be used walls, or other areas with no moisture concerns.

Benefits of spray foam....

Total vapor barrier


Total air barrier


High R-value per inch


Stable R-value any temperature


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