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Your home is your greatest source of protection and comfort for your family. Unfortunately, it can also be vulnerable to problems such as energy loss, drafts, and moisture issues that can dramatically diminish your comfort and put a strain on your energy bills. High quality insulation including options such as fiberglass, blown cellulose and spray foam will surround your home with the protection that is needed to keep you and your family more comfortable.

Create a secure, comfortable home

You can trust the over 20 years of experience behind our highly skilled, BPI Certified technicians to provide valuable insulation services for your home.

Guard the vulnerable areas of your home

Imagine being able to relax in a comfortably warm home throughout the winter, or find soothing relief from the heat, without having to crank up your heating or cooling systems. Applegate cellulose insulation fills the vulnerable areas of your home, preventing air leakage, energy loss, and moisture problems to create a more comfortable home while SAVING you money on your energy bills. Call us to schedule a building analysis.

Create reliable protection for your home

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  • Home Energy Audit

  • Heating and Cooling

  • Insulation and Air Sealing

  • Duct Sealing and Replacement

  • Moisture Issues

  • Electric hot water issues

  • Freezing Water Pipes

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Window and Doors

  • Efficient Lighting

One Call... We Do It All


With Higher energy cost and more houses with moisture problems. Customers want both energy analyzer and home improvements. We do both with one call. Weaver Weatherization is the most experienced provider of whole-house energy services in central-PA. Our approach gives you more comfortable, efficient, and healthier home.



Home Energy Audit  


A home Energy Audit consist of a blower door test, thermal scan, and air flow monitoring. Home Energy Audit is extended time and research which usually is a charge up front. If the customer chooses to go ahead with some of the work scope. The customer will receive a reduction on home energy audit at the time. Call for details



Home Evaluation


Some Customers have more of a straight forward problem. that does not require a full audit. In this case you can have a home evaluation with a free estimate. The flexibility of a home energy audit or home evaluation provides our customer's with the satifaction they come to expect from Weaver Weatherization.


Cellulose-with-baffles-attic Frozen pipe


We Fix The Root Cause To Your Freezing Pipes.