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The different seasons bring different needs. If your heating and cooling systems, or house is not up to the challenge, you could be spending more than you should each year. As much as half of your home's energy cost comes from heating and cooling. Weaver Weatherization knowledge of insulation R-values, heating and cooling systems efficiencies we can provide you with the right information for a safe, clean, and comfortable house.

Heating and Cooling Maximum Comfort and Savings

Put your confidence in our 20 years of experience to provide thorough, reliable moisture and mold infiltration services throughout your home.

Great idea but do you have all the information to maxumize your savings!! There are important steps you need to consider before moving ahead. Most heating and cooling contractor do not consider matching your new unit to the house BTU's loss to furnace BTU's output. You want to make sure they do a heat load analysis on your home to find out how much BTU's you really need. If you add insulation you before you upgrade you can lower your install costs on a new smaller furnace. The smaller furnace is even more efficient which will save you money.




What about upgrading my furnace to a high efficient unit?

Whenever you add insulation to attic, kneewalls, side walls, and basement you reduce the required amount of BTU output needed to heat your house in the winter season. Your benefit: More comfortable house, small furnace to install, save energy cost year after year.

Step 1 Add More Insulation

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Step 2 Smaller More Efficient Furnace or A/C Unit

When you completing step 1 first, your house is way more comfortable plus you can down size your new furnace and A/C. Whenever you can down grade size you can save on furnace installation cost. Second you will save a lot from using less energy in the house year after year. Many see savings between 50 to 60 percent on there energy cost after adding installation and high efficient furnace. Tip: Make sure to pick a heating contractor that understands heat load loss to size your furnace correctly.  


Having the correct information before you start a large project like upgrading heating systems or adding insulation will give you the peace of mind you want. Give us a call if you have question. We will be glad to help. If you are prepared, you will not have as many headaches, save money and have it done right the first time!

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