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By weaverweath16659627, Jun 18 2015 06:57PM

Should You Upgrade to a High Efficient Furnace

If your old furnace just completely stop working and you need a replacement now. Yes 90+ furnace are the way to go. This blog may still help you. If you are wanting to upgrade sometime in the future and doing your homework to make sure you are making the right decision. Read the rest of this blog. Ok, you want to save money, you want less carbon foot print. There are many reasons to upgrade. If you have 80 percent efficient furnace and going to 90 percent plus most times you can see 30 percent savings in heating cost.

Master Plan

I would suggest to get what we like to call a master plan together. This is where you figure out how many BTU’s your building needs to stay warm in the winter. This is especially helpful in an older building. Then install more insulation throughout to lower the BTU’s required to heat the building. This benefits you in 2 ways. Your house is way more comfortable and you can reduce your needed furnace size dramatically most times. Smaller size furnace uses less energy and less cost to install smaller unit. If you create a master plan most time you will see 50 to 60 percent saves in heating cost each year.

Oil vs Propane Gas vs Electric vs Natural Gas

US Energy Information Administration average for Northeast region for heating oil is $2526 Propane $2386 Electric $1315 Natural Gas $1024. When you go to upgrade research the fuel sources available for your location. If you need help find a reputable heating contractor feel free to give us a call.

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