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Our goal is to be able to educate our customers to make better informed decisions on their greatest asset your home.

By weaverweath16659627, May 21 2015 04:56PM

Higher insulation R values do not tell the whole story

Insulation resists heat movement through the insulation material. R-value measures the resists through the insulation (called the conductive heat flow). All the R values for different insulation is conducted through testing in a lab not real world conditions. The lab testing does not take into account how well the material stops heat movement from convection, carried in the air. Air leakage can cause up to half of your home’s energy loss.

Important Factors for Air Sealing

R-values do not measure air flow through a material. The most popular insulation in the U.S. is fiberglass insulation. Since there is air gaps along ceiling joist and many other building cavities that fiberglass do not air seal. The effectiveness is greatly reduce in the fiberglass or cellulose insulation without the proper air seal. Until recently building codes did not require the proper air sealing. With proper air seal fiberglass and cellulose become a much better insulation. With spray foam insulation you get total air seal and high R values. If you want a better quality insulation call us for air sealing options.


Health and Safety Reason for Air Sealing

When your house has 50 percent or higher relativity humidity in the heated area. This becomes a problem with no air seal in the attic. The hot moisture air leaking into your attic space can cause large scale or spot condensation. Signs of condensation on roof would be water marks, rusty nails, mildew, or mold. Adding more ventilation is the wrong thing to do. You just cause more leakage from the house (stack effect) into the attic. More house air means more moisture which will bring on more condensation. Stop this issue with proper air seal. You will save a lot of money and your building with the proper air seal.

P.S. We specialize in retrofit insulation. If you want a contractor that cares and spend the time to get it right the first time call us. 717-450-3286

By guest, Jan 19 2015 08:08PM

Each house has many working parts which when you effect one aspect many times this will have negative or positive effects on other areas of the house. If you would have unexpected water in the basement many times the house will have mold in the basement but could have mold in the attic eventually. These 2 areas do not seem connected but are they? If you insulate your basement walls the whole house feels warmer. How could that be? Houses are a system and should be treated that way when you insulate or air seal the house to cut down on energy or comfort issues. If contractors do not understand that a house is a system. Contractors can do more harm then good.

A house we recently inspected had relative humidity of 50% or greater, has a lot of leakage to the attic. The person living in this house wanted more insulation. So they call the first contractor they see that does insulation. This contractor insulates without air sealing. This can be a problem since now there is no more heat loss and the roof deck is 20 degrees colder then it use to be. Now all the moisturefrom the house leaks into the attic. The house was 50% relative humidity not has a chance to condense since warmer air and cold surfaces with high relative humidity form perfect conditions to condensate. This is one of many exsample of a contractor causing more issues then they are solving. A much better way would be to air seal all leakage in the attic when you want to insulate. You will have much better performing insulation and peace of mind that the chances of condensation is low.

P.S If you want to insulate your house and keep it simple contact us 717-450-3286 We do it right the first time!

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