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How Much Does Electronic Devices Cost You Each Month

By weaverweath16659627, Jun 1 2015 08:16PM

Every month we receive a electric bill. I have done hundreds of energy audits and few understand why their bill one month is $100 and the next $200. The electric company charges by KWH. There is 1000 watts in 1 KW. So here is the formula to figure out how much each electric device cost you each month. Appliance wattage X hours use each month / 1000 X 12.37 cent (.1237)= cost per month

Here are some common usages and cost

Shower with 2.5 Gallons a minutes water flow cost 5 cents a minute (10 minute shower is 50 cents)

Shower example: A family of 5 showering once a day for 15 minutes is 75 minutes a day. 75 minutes X .05= $3.75 a day. Monthly cost would be $3.75 X 30 days = $112.5

If you cut your showers to 7 minutes each that would 5 people X 7 Minutes a shower = 35 minutes for the day. 35 X.05 = 1.75 a day times 30 minutes = $52.5 a month. You can see by the 2 examples the 2nd example you save 59.5 a month by cutting each shower by 8 minutes. This is a saving of $714 a year. The water savings a years is 36500 Gallons. This little change each day ads up to big savings.

Energy Star refrigerator cost you $11.82 a month

Compact Fluorescent bulb 25 watts for 1 hour a day cost you 10 cents a month

Television LCD 32" 6 hours a day would 180 hours a month cost you 3.63 a month

Dryer 15 hours a month cost you 10.75

Understand Electricity Usage and Cost
Understand Electricity Usage and Cost
Understand Electricity Usage and Cost 2
Understand Electricity Usage and Cost 2
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